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Aditya BhopleWhat is Ferrocement?

Maintenance of Buildings

Introduction to Dams

Noise Control in Buildings

Pervious Concrete – An Innovative Solution to the Problem of Water logging

Structural Audit – A Health Checkup of Buildings

Admixtures in Concrete
Ashok DevasaniWhat is Building Information Modelling?
Astha SharmaIntroduction to Geotectonic

Importance of Geology in Civil engineering

Geotechnical Investigations

Project Delivery Methods

Tendering Process

Structural Health Monitoring

Machine Foundation

Submerged Floating Tunnel – SFT

Types of Cement – Properties and Uses in Construction

Rainwater Harvesting

GIS Principles and Application
Ayush I PFly Ash – Uses, Properties, Classification and Advantages

GPS and GIS – Definition, Components and Application in Civil Engineering
Geo ThomasTied Arch Bridge

Wastewater Treatment

Urban Planning

Soil Stabilization

Textile Reinforced Concrete

Tunnel Construction Methods

Canal Construction

Construction of Steel Structures

Structural Vibration Control

What is Flat Slab?

Construction Site Safety

Base Isolation System

7 Advice for starting the first Civil Engineering job
Himanshu MishraBuilding Bye-laws and Planning Regulations

7 Things to know if you are preparing for a government Job

Lightweight Concrete
Jasmin PatvaBuilding Code: An Impeccable Guide to Civil Engineers

Composite Slab

Types of Retaining walls

Advancements in Retaining Walls

Role of Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering

5 Innovative Building Materials in Civil Engineering

10 Recent Trends in Civil Engineering
Nikhil KhairmodeIntroduction to Civil Engineering

Introduction to Real Estate Valuation
Prashant RajputHow to Prepare for SSC JE Civil Paper 1?
Priyanka KumariRemedies of Dampness in Structures

Termite control in Buildings

Basics of Pavement Design

Role of Smart Materials in Civil Engineering

Advanced Techniques of Sewage Treatment

Earthquake Resistant Construction Techniques

Applications of Lasers in Highway Engineering

Solid Waste Management

Tunnel Construction

Low-Cost Housing Techniques

Spalling of Concrete

Field Tests on Cement: How to Check Quality of Cement on Site
Ramya SrinjaDewatering Techniques for Construction Projects

5 Green Building Materials

Floating Houses

Storm Water Drains
RashmiGreen Concrete

Fly Ash Bricks

Soil Nailing

Polymer Concrete

Shear Wall

Buttress Dam

Waffle Slab


What is Soil-Cement?
Rishabh BhardwajWhy I chose Civil Engineering
Samrat GanguliHow to Improve Technical Drawing Skills

Construction Equipment

Methods of Retrofitting

Types of Cofferdams and their construction

Types of Estimate

Manufacturing of Concrete

Formwork for Concrete

Design Steps for RCC Beam

Concrete Mix Design as per IS Code

Types of Building Materials

Railway Sleepers: Functions, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Bar Bending Schedule
Sanjan MaisaSelf Healing Concrete- Types, Advantages, Disadvantages

Application of 3D Printing in Civil Engineering

Pollution Absorbing Bricks

Is it worth pursuing Masters in Civil engineering?
Soniya Bisht7 ways Civil engineering students can utilize their time during Lockdown

Modern Methods of Construction

Plastic Roads

Manufacturing of Bricks

Types of Foundation

Types of Bracing Systems

The State of Women in Civil Engineering

Non Destructive Tests on Concrete

Soil Liquefaction

7 Qualities that make you a Civil Engineer
Swati SinghFoam Concrete: Manufacturing, Advantages and Disadvantages

Soil reinforcement