Transportation Engineering

RCC Sleepers

Railway Sleepers: Functions, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Railway Sleepers are the transverse members that are laid to support the rails. The Typical components of railway tracks are: Rails, Sleepers (or ties), Fasteners, Ballast (or slab track), Subgrade The Function of Sleepers in Railway: Sleepers hold the rails in proper gauge by fixing them in position. It transfers the loads received from the …

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Lasers in Highway Engineering

Applications of Lasers in Highway Engineering

Lasers in Highway Engineering are used for various purposes like   Right of way measurement, Road profiling, Pavement Surface deflection, Accident spot analysis, Bridge deflection, Making new highway alignment Speed checking etc.   The Laser techniques have a higher accuracy because everything is automated, quick in collecting data, computed by a computer and needs less …

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Tunnel Construction Methods

Tunnel is the pathway constructed underground or across the hills for the purpose of transportation or irrigation. The construction of tunnels depends upon the factors like ground condition, groundwater, length and diameter of the tunnel, transportation, depth of the tunnel, cost of production, and risk management. The geological investigation decides the mode of excavation, whether …

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Plastic Roads

Plastic Roads

Plastic is everywhere, like air? Probably Yes!! All the packaged material that we are using today, comes in an attractively packaged plastic.  Almost one trillion single-use plastic bags are used annually in our world. Now we have to confront this waste problem.  “It’s only one straw,” said 8 billion people. Keeping this problem as a …

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