Civil Engineering

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base isolation system

Base Isolation System

Base isolation system is introduced in high rise buildings is to prevent the damage due to seismic forces. In base isolation system suspension or series of bearing pads is introduced …

Low-cost housing
Construction Site Safety

Construction Site Safety

Importance of Geology in Civil engineering
submerged floating tunnel

Submerged Floating Tunnel – SFT

Building Materials

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Building Construction

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raft footing

Types of Foundation

Spalling of concrete

Spalling of Concrete

flat slab

What is Flat Slab?

Project Management

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tendering process

Tendering Process


Types of Estimate

Project Delivery Methods

Project Delivery Methods

Geotechnical Engineering

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Water Resources Engineering

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Buttress Dam

Buttress Dam


Canal Construction


Introduction to Dams

Career Advice

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Civil Engineer

7 Qualities that make you a Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is a hierarchy of ages, that the professionals are carrying with great sophistication and dedication. The importance of civil engineering work needs no introduction, it is and it …


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Women in civil engineering

The State of Women in Civil Engineering

What is the percentage of women in civil engineering? . . A Study in the USA shows that only 14 % of the civil engineering workforce is composed of women …

Why I chose Civil Engineering