7 ways Civil engineering students can utilize their time during Lockdown

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Civil engineering students have badly affected by the lockdown in the country. Life was full of fun for some, and the regular routine for others; and Lockdown put a pause and made all of us captivated in our own homes. Everyone must be fed up of this, and I know the most affected mass on this earth is none other than STUDENTS!!

And what to imagine if these students are of engineering background and that too CIVIL ENGINEERING, who literally have no idea what to explore in their homes regarding their profession.

So, here are 7 ways Civil engineering students can utilize their time during Lockdown:

Review your Goals

Yes, you are going to be a Civil Engineer after one, two, three or four years. But what after that? What designation do you want to have with your name? What do you want to pursue as a career?

Trust me, fellows, there is plenty of things to know about Civil Engineering and many career paths beyond this Roadway of Civil Engineering.

Use this Lockdown to explore the various aspects of this field and make them match your skills. I have read it a book ‘Who will cry when you die?’ and I practice this.

This is the time to think about life and do the things that you always wanted to do really matter to you.

Learn from Free Courses

Amid this Lockdown the only things that might benefit you directly are the courses and certificates available online. This is a known fact that Civil Engineering is about the practical experience but learning something related to academics and skills will add up to your resume.

You can join NPTEL courses which are available over SWAYAM website, lab experiments performed videos on Youtube channel NCTEL, virtual labs initiated by MHRD, free courses are available over Coursera, Udemy, Harvard, etc which are providing free lectures and some are also available with free Certification.

Some exciting offers are also available on many education websites and applications, which you can join for preparation purpose.

Master any Software

Many of the students are very desperate about knowing how they can go in the designing field after pursuing Civil Engineering. You can learn any software (AutoCAD, Stadd Pro, Revit, E tabs, BIM, etc) which you might be interested in.

This software just proved ease to the difficulties and hard work Civil Engineering Works used to demand decades ago.

I have learnt AutoCAD, and have started practising on it this month.

Focus on Soft Skills

Yeah!! We know that since the first day you joined the Civil Engineering course you used to boast up that you shall be in any government organization with all facilities, and that is absolutely possible my friend.

But there is a thing that the whole world surrender to in seconds and that is your PERSONALITY or what you may call behaviour or the way you present yourself.

Soft skills include Language Skills, Time Management, Communication Abilities, Social graces, teamwork and Leadership Traits etc.

Find your Hobby

All work and no play is not an intelligent way either. You can continue any of your old school hobbies, or develop a new one; which is of your interest and you can pass your time on. In this way, you must be utilizing it doing something productive. It may include drawing, painting, listening to music, playing an instrument, sports, gardening or anything you of your choice.

I used to do sketching in school days, and now I have made about twenty-four since Lockdown started.

Prepare a Professional Resume/CV

You might have heard about this and it is possible that you don’t have one, especially if you are in the first or second year of your college. But it is a must for third and final year students. It not only represents your skills but it is the virtual presentation of you in front of the Recruiter or Interviewer.

You can review sample resume available online and can make them effective as well.

Try Working From Home

You must be wondering that we are students and that too Civil Engineering students, so How?

You heard it right, Work from home internships are available over many websites, which might not provide you with practical knowledge but they are worth joining.

Bonus Tips:

And the last tip which is not mentioned above, DON’T MISS CLASSES!! As we all are having online classes being conducted through our colleges. Don’t forget to attend those, we all are only locked but SEMESTER is on!!

If you are preparing for any competitive examination, don’t let this BREAK, break your consistency.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
― Eleanor Roosevelt

These tips will really be helping you if you find any of the things that must be the part of it so don’t hesitate to mention in comments.

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