Maintenance of Buildings

The buildings are designed for a lifespan of generally 50 to 100 years, but due to non-maintenance of buildings, it will not last up to its service period. To make the structure durable and protect it from natural agencies it requires routine maintenance.

There is a famous proverb that “ A Stitch in Times Saves Nine ” is applicable to all the structures in our Construction  Industry. Maintaining the structure before its Deterioration will not only saves cost but also ensures the safety of the structure.

In simple words, ‘ Maintenance is a process of keeping the structure in working condition by inspecting and repairing it regularly ‘.

Why Structures Need Maintenance?

Maintenance plays a very crucial role to protect Civil Engineering structures from Deterioration and Damages. As we know that India has a Dynamic Nature of Climate, so we have to design our structure such that it will be able to resist the Aggressive nature of Environment. Concrete structures have a tendency to deteriorate with time.

Maintenance of Structure is done to meet the following purposes

  • To keep the structure in a Good Appearance and working condition at all weathering conditions.
  • To increase the service life of structure & maintain its value.
  • To ensure the safety of Occupants & reduce outgoing expenses.
  • For early identification of defects in the structure.
  • For smooth & Efficient working of the Buildings.

Maintenance of buildings

Types of Maintenance of Buildings


Planned Maintenance of Buildings
  • Corrective (Remedial) maintenance: It is a maintenance which is done after the defects or damages occurs in the structure . It is used to rectify and repair the damaged structure.
  • Preventive maintenance: This a type of maintenance which is done before any defects or damages occurred in a structure. This helps to prevent any further damages in Building.
  • Routine maintenance: It is also known as service maintenance which is done from time to time to avoid deterioration of the structure .


Unplanned Maintenance of Buildings
  • Special Maintenance: This type of maintenance is done when there is a need to strengthen and update the components parts of the structure.
  • Emergency Repair: This type of maintenance is done in rare cases. It is done when there is a sign of settlement or destruction of the structure. It is very important in order to safety of living beings.

Water is considered as the biggest enemy of structures. So it is necessary to protect our structures before and after Monsoon from heavy Rainfall.

 Pre Monsoon Maintenance of Buildings
  • Cleaning of Drains to avoid blockages.
  • Checking roof leakage & repair if any detected.
  • Painting the steel components with anti-corrosive paint.
  • Giving Anti-termite treatment to doors and windows.
  • Waterproofing the leakage spots in the slab.
  • Check whether there any gaps between the window frame and the external wall.
Post-Monsoon Maintenance of Buildings
  • Check the building,
  • Repair any developed cracks.
  • Check drain pipes if there any blockage.
  • If there any waterlogging on the slab, remove it immediately.
  • Check any Dampness problem due to rain in walls, especially near electrical fittings.
  • Vegetation should be removed to stop its further growth.


India is a developing country and there will be a scope in the construction industry for the maintenance of buildings. Since India has a dynamic nature of the climate, it is necessary to maintain the building for its smooth working with maximum efficiency.

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