Green Buildings: Future of Construction

A green building is the one which is constructed using processes that are environmentally friendly and renewable. The main objective of green buildings is to save the environment and money. They are specially designed to reduce the noxious impact of the built environment. Green building can also be termed as Green Construction or Sustainable Building. 

Green Buildings

Objectives of Green Building

Energy efficiency

Designers of green buildings were aspired to reduce the usage of non-renewable energy sources, as they are costly and pollute the environment. These buildings are installed with solar panels, high-efficiency windows and insulation in walls, ceilings and floors. Power generation is extremely expensive, therefore green buildings are designed to use solar power, wind power and hydropower.

Water efficiency

Shortage of water has been a topic of concern for the past few years. Green buildings are installed with efficient systems that purify used water and enable water recycling. The main goal is to reduce water consumption and protect water quality so that future generations can also enjoy a reliable supply of clean water.

Enhances Indoor Environment Quality

IEQ depends on the conditions inside a building such as lighting, thermal conditions, air quality and their effects on the residents. Green buildings focus on providing a stimulating and comfortable environment for the residents and minimize the risk of building-related health problems. They successfully provide great indoor experience to the occupants.

Prioritizing people’s health

As per the stats, a lot of bad health cases are associated with poor living conditions. The newly designed green buildings are positively improving public health. They use flexible materials, technologies and methods to enhance the well-being of their residents.

Low maintenance and operation cost

The construction of green buildings is more expensive than their usual counterparts. But the reduced operation and maintenance cost makes them much cheaper in the long run. Green buildings incorporate unique features that ensure efficient use of resources.

Why are green buildings so relevant now?

Human growth is becoming unsustainable for the planet Earth. Keeping the global environmental factors in mind, adopting the concept of green buildings seems to be a logical idea. With the increasing scarcity of water and energy crisis, its only common sense to insulate oneself from the resource crunch and practice smart living. This realization has contributed immensely to the growth and promotion of green buildings.

The concept of green building was sporadic during initial stages, but as awareness programs were conducted, many excellent professionals are now a part of this project. Green buildings make it possible for humans to meet all their needs without depleting resources and endangering the environment. These eco-friendly buildings are the future and they aim to provide comfortable and healthy living conditions to the people.

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