Building Construction

Building construction includes the methods and techniques for the construction, assembly or erection of structures, primarily those used to provide shelter.

Shear wall

Shear Wall

Shear wall is a vertical element used to resist lateral forces such as seismic forces and wind forces which acts on a building structure. Shear wall works as a vertical cantilever beam. It is supported at the ground carrying vertical load together with columns. Shear walls are mainly used in tall buildings. Shear walls became […]

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Methods of Retrofitting

Retrofitting is the modern methodology of strengthening an existing structure. It also includes the adding of new features or technology to the old system. For example, seismic retrofitting is adopted for strengthening the older buildings and making them earthquake-resistant. Differences between Repair, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation: These three terms have their own separate meanings: Repair is

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Dewatering Techniques for Construction Projects

Construction of any structure progresses with the excavation of Earth to lay the foundations. Quite a few challenges are faced during subsurface excavation works. The presence of groundwater poses a major risk during construction which has caused failures of structures even before construction is completed. The process of dewatering is adopted to reduce the possibility

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