Pollution Absorbing Bricks

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Air pollution is the biggest problem world facing nowadays. It causes about seven million premature deaths every year. Inhabiting air pollution takes away at least 1-2 years of typical human life. In Italy, only 90,000 people die every year due … Continued

Types of Building Materials

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Building materials are the substances used for construction purposes, like materials for building a house. The use of a wide variety of building construction materials has already been included in any Construction project since ancient times. Early Egyptians and Greeks … Continued

Tendering Process

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A Tender is an invitation to bid for any project that must be submitted within a limited time. The tendering process is a combination of the sequential procedures required in purchasing goods or services from external suppliers. Tendering is usually … Continued

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collection or storage of rainwater with the help of an artificially designed system rather than allowing it to run off naturally or man-made catchment areas like a rooftop, rock surface, semi-pervious land surface. All … Continued

What is Ferrocement?

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Ferrocement is a composite material of mortar and reinforcement such as light steel fabrics and meshes and is used to form thin section. Ferrocement is a form of reinforced mortar that is embedded with closely spaced multiple layers of wire … Continued

Design Steps for RCC Beam

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Before initiation of Bidding and Construction phase of any project, i.e. in the pre-bidding phase, the viability of the project is checked by preparation of Conceptual design data, drawings and preliminary estimate, which is then passed through various administrative and … Continued

What is Soil-Cement?

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Soil-cement is a mixture of soil and measured amount of cement, and water compacted at high density. They all together form a hardened mixture like concrete, under the hydration action of cement. It is generally used as a low-cost pavement … Continued