Buttress Dam

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A buttress dam is also called as a hollow dam. It is a dam with a solid, water-tight upstream side that is supported at intervals on the downstream side by a series of supports. A reinforced concrete slab or a … Continued

Shear Wall

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Shear wall is a vertical element used to resist lateral forces such as seismic forces and wind forces which acts on a building structure. Shear wall works as a vertical cantilever beam. It is supported at the ground carrying vertical … Continued

Polymer Concrete

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Polymer concrete is a type of concrete that replaces cement by polymer as a binder. Sometimes, the polymer is used in addition to Portland cement to form  Polymer cement concrete (PCC) or Polymer Modified Concrete(PMC). Polymer concrete composites have a … Continued

Composite Slab

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The composite slab is one of the essential floor systems used in the construction of steel structures. Composite slabs comprise ferroconcrete sew the very best of profiled steel decking, which acts as formwork during construction and external reinforcement at the … Continued

Types of Estimate

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For every construction projects, whether it’s a petty work, maintenance work, or construction of large & complex projects consisting of several segments, Estimate is one of the important aspects to which a civil engineer is significantly involved in. Within the … Continued

10 Recent Trends in Civil Engineering

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Emerging construction technology is innovative new schemes. There are real, practical applications and benefits to modernizing the current processes involved in the industry. Construction companies want to stay competitive and not be left behind. Companies are finding various ways to … Continued