Building Materials

Building materials are the substance used for construction purposes, like materials for building a house such as bricks, cement, concrete, timber, steel etc.

Types of Concrete

12 Types of Concrete

  Concrete is a heterogeneous and composite mass, which is a mixture of cement, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates and a certain amount of water. As the technology upgraded, it soon comes into light that standard conventional concrete, which is used in all Concreting aspects, have several drawbacks. Some of the defects may include, its low …

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How to check quality of cement at site

Field Tests on Cement: How to Check Quality of Cement on Site

To determine the properties of cement, we perform various tests such as fineness test, soundness test, setting test, strength tests etc. These are all laboratory tests. Many times, It is not feasible to check the quality of cement on-site at the time of preliminary inspection through the lab tests. Even though. we can not check …

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Green Building Materials

5 Green Building Materials

Building materials like cement, concrete, chemical admixtures have a negative impact on the surroundings. Most of the materials used in construction are not eco friendly and effect the environment directly or indirectly. Green materials are viable options to protect the environment that supports us.  Need for Eco-friendly or Green Building Materials Sustainable development is all …

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