Theodolite Surveying

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Theodolite surveying is that branch of surveying in which theodolite is used to measure the horizontal and vertical angles. A Theodolite is a very precise instrument, mainly used for determining the horizontal and vertical distances between two points. It can … Continued

Self Compacting Concrete

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  Self Compacting Concrete is a highly flowable non-segregating concrete that can be placed in formworks without any external compaction. It gets compacted by means of its own weight.   Related Article: Types of Concrete Advantages of Self Compacting Concrete … Continued

12 Types of Concrete

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  Concrete is a heterogeneous and composite mass, which is a mixture of cement, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates and a certain amount of water. As the technology upgraded, it soon comes into light that standard conventional concrete, which is used … Continued

Lightweight Concrete

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Concrete is a mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, cement, some admixtures and water. Since the aggregate is obtained from hard rocks, their density or specific gravity is almost the same. So, the density of normal concrete is generally 22 … Continued